Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Isn’t There Some Type Of Medication For This?

(If you haven't noticed, I've completely abandoned Works-For-Me-Wednesday today. I don't have any little gems of wisdom to share at this time. Hopefully not everyone is in the same predicament, so you can check them out at We Are THAT Family.)

Now that the boy has turned 2, I am noticing a few more “2-year-old tendencies” in his little self.
For instance, today he thought it a wonderful game to climb up onto my lap, stand on my legs, then while holding my hands, jump off. He loved it. My legs are probably going to be sore tomorrow from all the little knees and feet climbing on them.

And yesterday, he discovered that he does, indeed, fit through the doggie door. Stellar.

But something we noticed the other day probably has nothing to do with being 2 and more to do with being a child of a Type A and a very close to Type A Type B personality.

Check out what Husband found him doing.
DSC04542DSC04543Yeah, that’s pizza. And we were having it for dinner. I say “were” because after the stacking incident, the pizza was more fun to play with than eat. So that was the end of that.

I saw someone the other day on Twitter who said, “I’m CDO…it’s like OCD except the letters are in the right order, just where they should be.” I think that could totally describe me.

And our poor boy, he doesn’t even have a chance. Pin It


  1. Haha! Hilarious! He is your child!
    Hope you have a productive day today and tomorrow! :)

  2. Curly2:46 PM

    I love it.