Monday, September 28, 2009

Flying The Friendly Skies

We just got back from a trip. This would be Husband's nightmare flight. It's a good thing this aired after we got home. I already have to give him drugs ala B.A. Baracus for us to both survive the flight, so if he'd seen this before our trip, it likely would've been canceled.

There's more though, there's more. The lady I sat beside during one of our flights was totally blogworthy. She'll be making her appearance here soon. Pin It


  1. I did not realize that your husband and mine have such similar feelings about flying!

    If we ever all fly at the same time... I suggest we sit them together... at the OTHER end of the plane.

  2. Well, I have my own feelings about flying as well that are not very favorable, but that clip was hilarious.