Thursday, July 16, 2009

That Thing You Do sisters and I open a hot dog package (the kind that aren’t re-sealable) completely different than Mom. How we all managed to learn to do it properly after she taught us improperly is beyond me....


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  1. So, now you've got me curious as to how you vacuum and how you open hot dog packages. Do share.

  2. Well, we were taught to vacuum THOROUGHLY. Which means move the junk in the floor, etc. and you go in sections, going up and back in the same track before moving to the next place. It was a necessity at our house growing up because we had so many kids and so much dirt. It's a necessity at my house now and I don't have a ton of kids, but still have a lot of dirt, however that happens.

    The hotdog thing, on those packages you have to cut open, Mom always opens them from the "bottom", the clear plastic side. The rest of us open them properly - from the top side where the label is. :) How we all managed to learn that despite her bottom-of-the-package-opening is beyond me! Ha!

  3. No...children are rebellious and will use any excuse to thwart the years of instruction you have diligently and sacrificially poured into their lives. Thus - opening the hotdog packages from the "wrong side" just to aggravate the parent. LOL We need to take a poll - maybe all of my children aren't rebellious - maybe there is ONE that does it RIGHT!

  4. Of course, I am teasing. The whole gist of the post was to encourage parents that kids can learn to do it right in spite of the parent. And Praise the Lord, that has been proven over and over again in our lives. And we need to realize that some things we spent so much time teaching - really don't matter. I "let" them open the hot dogs WRONG when they are here. Sacrifices, Mom's continue to make them throughout their children's lives.

  5. I love that my husband vacuums on a regular basis... but he doesn't do it quite right! I have just learned to deal with it.

    Since I was 5 I have known that Mom opens the hotdogs the wrong way!