Thursday, June 18, 2009

Next Time We’ll Actually Get In The Pool

C and I loaded up and went out to Mom’s on Tuesday, fully intent upon swimming.

And then we chickened out. Actually, I did.

It was a bit cool until mid-afternoon, and since the pool is not heated, the water is frigid. The coolness combined with the icy water makes for a chickeny Momma.

But we had fun anyway. The weather was just right for playing in mud puddles, which C spent quite a bit of time doing. HLB came home for lunch and taught C some pretty fun things about mudholes. How to make them bigger with a water hose, and how to squirt things with the aforementioned hose.

Oz had his share of fun, too. He was adopted by a lonely kitten.DSC03597And he managed to climb into the bird dog bath. DSC03589, crop DSC03593It seems that he dogs prefer this bird bath to their own water bowl, making it their own doggie wetbar. So when Oz was getting a drink, he just made himself right at home. I guess everyone else’s water was Oz flavored that day.

And Squirt and her partner in crime adopted sister, KD, left some surprises for us on the camera.DSC03576DSC03577 It was a good day, even if we never got into the pool. It’s a good thing C isn’t big enough to realize all the fun he missed.

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  1. You never fail to make me laugh! The picture of Oz in the bird bath is classic.

    So glad the Hogs won last night! But my work is suffering now because of my "Hog Hangover".

  2. I laughed watch C with the water hose! He would just stare and then go back to playing, stare, play, stare, play! I love it! Just wait b/c soon you will not be able to stand that close to him with a video camera while he has a water hose! The dog pics were great too!

  3. hey gratz on getting the video into the site!

  4. Thanks, Joel. Apparently Live Writer is having issues with embedding video. I had major problems uploading this post and just had to cross my fingers and hope it worked so I didn't have to re-do the whole thing. Where's the restart button for that program? Ha!

  5. Sarah,
    Oh, he already tries to get me wet. Yesterday he decided that the water in his wading pool was the perfect thing to pour all over everything and everyone he could reach. He got a HUGE kick out of pouring it all over me, which I was not dressed for. Let's just say that I was cooled off sufficiently. Ha!