Thursday, April 23, 2009

Toddler: The Official Language

C is really learning to express himself.

Sometimes it's not all good, ya'll.

A toddler tantrum can put some grown people to shame, although not grown people on Bravo; because I don't know anybody who could throw tantrums like that without their Mama smacking them in the back of the head.

But I do love that he's saying more words now. Or at least trying to. I think every toddler speaks their own language to a degree, and it's up to others to translate, aka figure out what the heck they are talking about.

Just in case you need to know...

C loves him some Curious George and Mickey Mouse. He calls George by his full name ("Cue Ge"), and Mickey by his last name ("Mou"). I'm not sure where that came from, but it's stinking funny.

Sometimes it's hard to tell if he's saying "no" or "nose". It helps when he wrinkles his nose and sticks his finger in one nostril up to the knuckle. You can pretty much bet he's saying "nose" when he does that.

He's also started referring to his paci as, "no no." Maybe because I tell him he can't have it unless it's naptime/bedtime. Every now and then, he calls it, "ya ya," perhaps trying to win me over with a subliminal message.

C loves sticks. He calls them, "tis." If given the opportunity, he will take a "tis" everywhere.

"Uh-oh" seems to be very popular around here. The only problem is that he says it not just when he's accidentally dropped something, but when he's dropped something on purpose and doesn't want to get in trouble for it. He's a sly one, this boy.

He still has no name for his rag/lovey, which I find interesting. He definitely loves to hold it no matter what time of day it is and clutches it when he sleeps. I guess his relationship with his rag/lovey needs no words.

I guess with boys, some things are just left unsaid. Pin It

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