Thursday, March 19, 2009

M3 Squared

M3 came to visit again this past weekend. I know, right? It was supposed to be forever before he got to come back. But he realized he missed us terribly and needed to come back sooner rather than later.

And a promised trip to Hugo's had nothing to do with it.

Since we were so lax in capuring his last visit in photos, I decided we needed to do better this time.

As soon as M3 arrived decked out in his Texas Longhorn gear, C knew he had to get rid of some of that burnt orange. They played with the hat for a while, then it went away for the rest of the weekend. We don't do that orange stuff around here.

The "big boys" came over to play Risk, and C joined in.
I'm not sure how I feel about C learning to conquer nations at this point in his life. But I guess it's a skill that could come in handy. Pin It


  1. I would love to know how the name "M3" came about...

  2. Are you kidding? Since C has been in the world his NLB uncle has been "conquering the world" - that's all the kid is going to know!

  3. Mohawk Monitor Man. 3 M's = M3.

  4. I LOVE that mom quote, by the way. Just noticed it. So good.

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