Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gimpy Update

Happy St. Patrick's Day, ya'll. I may or may not be wearing something green today, depending on the following criteria: 1) what's clean, and 2) what doesn't need to be ironed.

My loyalty to the holiday is unprecedented.

I thought it might be time for an update, since you know, the craziness might have subsided a little bit.

C is much better. There's still quite a bit of snot around our house, but at least he's sleeping again. He actually took almost a three hour nap today, which I would love to be excited about; however, that's what he did at the start of this whole mess. I'm hoping it doesn't mean there's something worse coming.

On the upside, he's learned to blow his nose. The problem is that he usually chooses to do it when there's no tissue in the vicinity and I'm doing something important like driving. Snot goes everywhere. But at least it's out of his head. Bring a tissue around though, and he doesn't want to blow. Go figure.

He doesn't have to worry about his St. Patty's Day getup. The snot will take care of his green.

He loves his pink medicine (bubble gum flavored antibiotics), and always asks for "Moe!" (more) when I give it to him. He coughs his head off at night, poor thing. I hate it. And it's not that dry cough, either. It's that wet, sticky, hock-up-a-loogie-the-size-of-your-head-cough.

I'm glad he hasn't learned to hock loogies yet.

He had a blast playing outside today. Sick or not, there's no way he's staying inside with the weather warm and sunny. And I figure he's already on the pink stuff, so let the boy play. Surely the sunshine and dirt are good for him.

Oz is still hopping around on three legs, but he's doing fine. The vet told us to expect a 6-8 week recovery, so we're actually pleased with his progress so far. He's started putting his foot down a little, though he's not putting any weight on it.

And it's torture for all of us that he has to stay cooped up so much. But he gets out for frequent breaks during the day and a lot in the evenings. He also gets to spend some time outside lolling around in the grass and chewing on sticks, but not nearly as much as he'd like.

The sunshine and dirt are good for him, too.

Oz has begun to protest his crate, albeit quietly. Here's a shot of his mild-mannered protest yesterday evening. No riot gear needed here. But give him a tin cup and I'm sure he'd get a bit more noisy. Pin It

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