Monday, February 09, 2009

Oh, The Irony

A few weeks ago, Husband and I went to see Brian Regan in concert. Is it called a concert if you're a comedian? Whatever it is, we went.

When I purchased tickets, I was able to choose our seats off of a seating chart. Since all that was left was the top part of the balcony, I chose the top row, aisle seats. Trying to give my Hubs a bit of extra leg room. Because I'm thoughtful that way. It had nothing to do with easy access to the bathroom or concessions for myself. (This particular balcony you enter at the top.)

Anyway, we got to our seats, sat down, and had a bit of time to check out our surroundings. And I noticed we were in "Handicapped" seats.

What? Yeah, top row of the balcony is apparently prime handicapped seating.

Because if I'm ever in a wheelchair or on crutches and going to an event that may or may not be a concert, I am only going if I can sit in handicapped seating in the top of the balcony. Life doesn't present enough challenges.

Brian (yes, we're on a first name basis because I've seen him on Comedy Central more than I see some of my own family) was great, by the way. Definitely worth the theoretical need for handicapped seating in the balcony.

If you'd like to hear some of his comedy, here's a little of my favorite material. Pin It

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