Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Are Disciplining Yourself and Self-Discipline The Same Thing?

I don't think so, but I'm too tired right now to try and find out.

C has been getting in trouble for touching the glass on the fireplace. Don't worry - the fire isn't lit. But I still don't want him touching it because one day it will be know, us Mommies have way too many things to think about.

Anyway, it was apparent to me tonight just how many times I've told him to not touch that glass in recent days. Just a little while ago he walked himself over to the fireplace, touched the glass, then promptly slapped his own hand.

That's right. He spanked his own hand. The hand that had touched the glass.

All the while he was looking at me with an expression that said, "See Mom? I touched it, but then I spanked myself, so it's ok. We're good. No need to come over here and do it again."

Smarty pants. Pin It


  1. HE is a little smarty pants! Ah, Love it and miss you guys!

  2. That is too funny!!!

  3. Elise does the same thing! :) (Doing something she knows better, than looking at us and spanking herself). Kids are funny. :)

  4. That made me smile. What a funny boy!

  5. He must be a good child. I'm sure that I did things like that when I was little. Only I probably stuck my tounge out at mom instead of spanking myself!