Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Busy Boy

C has been enjoying our warmer weather, spending as much time outside as he possibly can. Actually, he and Oz both have been out a lot this past week. Here's what they did one afternoon.

Here's Oz doing his part to help with the tree clean-up.

C decided he'd pick up a few sticks too.
And then pause for a rest.
But then he decided to start his own stick pile.
Gathering more sticks.
Here's the stick pile.
Oz, still plugging away at the sticks.
It started getting later, and C decided he needed a few more things to play with outside.
And a box too, of course. He also ended up with a pair of Husband's shoes out there.

I'm glad C and Oz enjoy being outside. Now, if they could just find something to do....
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  1. it looks like he is a busy little boy. such a fun age! i can't wait to do it all over again.

  2. Jennifer Taylor4:05 PM

    He is so cute! Isn't it fun watching them learn to explore?! Enjoy it, they grow SO fast if you haven't noticed yet :)