Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Should've Taken A Photo For Proof

Something just happened at my house over which my mouth is still agape.

I saw Newman.

Doing his job.

Newman, instead of cramming an over sized package into my mailbox (as has been done on more than one occasion), actually got out of his car, brought the mail to my door, and rang the doorbell.

I was picking the mail up from the doorstep as he was getting back into his vehicle. I waved and yelled, "Thank you!"

I don't think he heard me. And I thought about running down the sidewalk so he would be sure to know that I appreciated his effort. But I thought that might look a little desperate and overzealous.

Because only a freak who obsesses about their mail delivery would do something like that.

It may never happen again. The getting out of his car to do his job part, I mean. I am cherishing every flyer and junk postcard today. I may even frame something in remembrance. Pin It

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