Monday, December 08, 2008

Oh Yeah, It's My Birthday

Thanks to the zillion people who wished me Happy Birthday here and on Facebook. I could spend all night thanking everyone individually, and I really need to go to bed. So consider yourself thanked and appreciated.

Once again, Husband surpassed all expectations for my Birthday. He sent me an Edible Arrangements bouquet this afternoon, complete with lots of yummy fruit and most importantly, chocolate covered strawberries. And while I knew that he and C were taking me to dinner, I was not aware that my parents and grandparents would be joining us.

It was fun. The grown-ups had fun chatting and C had fun being the center of attention. Everyone's attention. I must apologize to the guy who sat behind us, whoever he is, because C was all about pretending to be shy and play peek-a-boo with him while longingly gazing upon his bread.

As if the boy didn't eat enough as it was. He ate half a loaf of the "leaded" bread (as in smothered in drippy, melted butter), some sweet potato fries, and a few bites of some other stuff. And probably about half of my peanut butter Mess. Oh yes he did.

Needless to say, we let him stay up almost an extra hour to burn off some of that sugar before bedtime. After, that is, he ate a hot dog and stick of string cheese right after we got home. And I will probably regret later that I neglected to give him some Mylicon before putting him down.

But it's good that he filled up. Because when Children's called today (YES! They called me a WHOLE HOUR EARLY! I was in SHOCK!), I found out that our appointment for his surgery is not until 3:15. As in three in the afternoon.

Did you read that? AFTERNOON.

The boy can't eat solids after midnight, and only clear liquids tomorrow morning. And nothing after noon. Do you even know how pleasant that will be tomorrow?

When I mentioned that to the Children's Hospital lady, she said I should let him stay up late, wake him up at 11:30 tonight and feed him, then let him sleep late.

Um, hello. Do you live in the real world, Phone Call Lady? One of those things is manageable. But the other two? Not happening.

So while I try to appease C with juice, water, and 7-Up tomorrow until noon, please think of us and say a quick prayer. For his tummy, my sanity, the doctor, and the roads.

Oh, the roads. Wintry Mix, please stay away until we get home. It would be nice for the weather man to be horribly wrong about tomorrow. The good kind of horribly wrong, not the bad kind.

Sorry, weather guy. Pin It

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