Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Works-For-Me-Wednesday: For Kids Who Love to Push Buttons

This week is a themed edition of Works-For-Me-Wednesday over at Rocks In My Dryer. The idea is to give some ideas of toys that seem to stand the test of time and aren't tossed aside after a week or so.

You know, like just about everything you ever had as a kid besides those few precious things you L.O.V.E.D. I think what stands the test of time depends on the kid.

That being said, other than myself and my siblings, I don't have a lot of experience in that area since C is "only" 14 months old.

But right now, his most favorite item is....a Universal Remote Control. Actually, he loves anything that has buttons he can press. We've also given him an old keyboard and mouse, which he also adores.

I do not want him messing with the "real" remotes. Because who wants to try to change channels with slobber all over the buttons? Well, that and it would probably be even more difficult to find than it already is.

So I bought C a cheapo Universal Remote with fairly big buttons at Wal-Mart, and he loves it. He doesn't even care that there are no batteries and it doesn't actually work. Yet. He carries it everywhere. Now when he tries to reach for the "real" remote, cell phone, computer keyboard or anything else with buttons, I can had him his remote and he's happy.

And when he's done with it, I can put some batteries in it and use it.

It works for me. Check out more Everlasting Toy ideas over at Rocks In My Dryer! Pin It


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  4. What a cute idea!!!

  5. My friend and I both did this same thing. It works wonders! They love pushing those little buttons.