Sunday, November 30, 2008

Waffles, Snoopy, and Shazbot: My Thanksgiving Weekend

I hope you had a good holiday weekend. Ours was, well, different. It seemed forever long. Maybe because we packed in a lot of stuff. That, and it sort of started on Wednesday.

Husband was off work on Wednesday, so he let me sleep in and he and C brought me breakfast in bed. Never have frozen waffles smothered in butter and syrup tasted so good.

On Thanksgiving Day, we went to Mimi's for "Lupper" or "Linner", whichever you'd like to call it. C was in heaven with all those aunts and uncles and grandparents to play with him and take him outside to play. We ate the best turkey ever. And when we got ready to go home, I sadly underestimated my need for dessert leftovers. So after I put C to bed, I took my sad, dessert-deprived self to watch, "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving."

On Friday, I went out to hang the Christmas wreaths. And an hour later I got it done. Not because it took that long to hang the wreaths. No, I got distracted and ended up trimming shrubs, pulling up dead flowers, and all kinds of domestic lawn stuff. Then I hung the wreaths. And got stuff ready for our Saturday trip. Oh, and did tons of laundry and watched way too much of the Mork & Mindy marathon on SciFi.

Na-Nu Na-Nu.

Saturday we took Argus to meet his transport to North Dakota for his Adventure To The Top Of America. It took pretty much all day and evening, and we ended up driving in snow for much of the way up and almost all the way home. I'll give more details on our trip and possibly even have pictures later. Just so you know, yes, I cried a little bit.

Apparently the snow followed us home, because by the time I got ready for church on Sunday morning, it was snowing like crazy. Of course it didn't stick, but it gives a snow lover like me hope for the rest of the winter.

I also watched, "Snoopy, Come Home!" Probably not the best choice for the day after I dropped my dog off to go to a new home. Shazbot!

But now it's getting late, I'm tired, and have more things to do this week than I can shake a stick at. So I should probably head for bed.'s 8:45. I'm such a wuss. Pin It

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