Friday, November 07, 2008

These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Ah, daytime TV.

When I was a kid and we lived way out in the middle of nowhere and got about three channels, I remember Mom watching daytime TV. I knew the entire "Like sands through the hourglass..." opener by heart. And I remember when she quit.

After Mom gave up watching soaps, we never had the TV on during the day much at all. We were told to "play outside" and use our "imagination".

When we were sick though, that was another story. I remember the year I had the Mumps and Chicken Pox three weeks apart. I spent a lot of time on the couch that spring. And I got to watch TV.

Since we got about 3 channels at the time, there wasn't that much on. But I do recall that I watched quite a few episodes of Simon & Simon.

I've never had much interest in soaps or daytime talk shows. Even Queen Oprah doesn't interest me much. No, I like the old reruns. Give me a day full of A-Team, Knight Rider, Mama's Family, Cosby Show, and the like, and I'm a happy girl. But throw some Magnum, P.I. in there, and I'm downright giddy.

Clearly I have a certain affection for 80's TV shows.

I probably watch too much TV. I don't watch all day, but it's much easier for me to sit still and rest during C's nap if I'm watching a show. And thanks to digital cable, I am able to enjoy some Magnum, P.I. every afternoon.

Yes, Husband unmercifully makes fun of me for watching Tom Selleck in a Dodgers cap, Hawaiian shirt and short shorts. I honestly don't care about the wardrobe, but I do like me some Tom Selleck. And the 1980's celebrity cameos.

Friends kicked it up a notch when they added Tom as Richard, Monica's boyfriend. I love the Richard episodes. And we just watched Meet The Robinsons, where he voices a character. Loved it. And I've probably seen Quigley Down Under about a hundred times, along with all the other Louis L'Amour westerns he's been in; courtesy of my Dad, of course. And obviously the 3 Men and a Baby movies. I was, however, hugely disappointed in In & Out. (Don't waste your time.)

But recently I've become hooked on Las Vegas. The show, not the city in Nevada. I'm loving it. And just this week, I discovered that Tom Selleck was in an entire season. Why am I only finding this show in syndication? Where was I when this was first run? For five years. Anyway, I've found it now and I'm catching up.

I know, it's pretty pathetic. But I'm sure everybody has their guilty pleasures. This is mine. Pin It


  1. Have you discovered yet? They have tons of classic sitcoms, A-Team included. :O)

  2. Jennifer Taylor9:16 PM

    Las Vegas was the best show ever!! We had no idea that the season finale last year was it forever. My mom and I were beyond upset and still are! I guess we need some closure!!