Monday, November 17, 2008

I Have Seen The Elephant Graveyard

They say an elephant never forgets. I wonder if that applies to little green ones with polka dot ears?

A couple of weeks ago, I finally got around to packing some things away that C has grown out of. The Bumbo, a playmat or two, you know, things like that.

The stuff that seems so awesome when you get it and are actually using it and when you're done with it for now, you wonder where the heck you're going to keep it until the next kid arrives.

So anyway, I was gathering up the accessories that belong with our swing/rocker. It's a combo thing that we're still using part of, but I thought I'd go ahead and put up the mobile. It consists of an arch that snaps onto the chair and two little stuffed animals that hang from the arch, a lion and an elephant.

I couldn't find the elephant. After a while I gave up, figuring it would turn up soon and I'd just put that stuff away then.

Well, it turned up a few days later. But not stuck behind a piece of furniture or jammed behind a box in the closet. No, that would be too easy.

I was outside playing with C and saw something strange sticking out of the dirt up next to the house. I went over to investigate. And this is what I found.

I'll give you three guesses as to the culprit. But remember this incident? Yeah, that's about strike one million.

As the elephant was deemed too far gone, he was humanely put to rest. The old legend about an elephant graveyard may be true, but this one didn't have a chance. He was lovingly laid in our stainless flip-top trashcan that Husband refers to as R3-D4.

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  1. I'm cracking up! That is too funny. And the fact that Husband refers to the trashcan as R3-D4 is just as funny.