Monday, November 24, 2008

Can Someone Please Explain...

Can someone please explain to me what in a person causes them to have a desire to have the bass in their car stereo so stinking loud that I can hear it while laying in my bed with the TV on and they are not even on my street?

Every night about 10:30, Bass Boy comes home, leaves, or whatever. And he's sure the rest of the neighborhod can hear his music as he does so. But he doesn't just come and go. No, that would be too easy. He sits in his driveway with the thumping reverberating through the air for about 10 minutes.

I suppose he wants us to be able to listen to the rest of the song. Because he's nothing if not considerate.

I wish I knew where he lived so I could call the cops or something. But there's no way I'm going to stay up late to go find some idiot who is obviously deaf with questionable taste in music.

But if I did know where he lived, I would think nothing of toting my baby monitor over there and placing it outside his window. Then, when C happens to wake up at 3am due to the Teething Monster, the favor would be returned.

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  1. HA! I totally feel your pain. Unfortunately I do know exactly who the culprits are...our neighbors. I'm NOT prejudice at all but these people are of a different ethnic background you could say and their music is oh so lovely since it's stinking mexican music! I HATE mexican music because they never turn it on before 10:00 pm and it usually doesn't go off until sometime after midnight. We have called the cops, but to make matters worse the people next door don't speak english either. It can make you want to "loose your Jesus", especially when you have small children in bed at that hour! :)

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  3. Yeah, we had some of those neighbors. But NESN moved out a while back. You should read about his antics. They're detailed here in the archives.