Saturday, November 01, 2008

Because Candy's The Important Thing

I know you've all been holding your breath to see C's amazing costume for Halloween and find out how we spent our evening.

Let me start at the beginning in this whole Halloween saga.

When we first began discussing our plans for Halloween several weeks ago (because we both feel the need to plan everything), Husband searched the Internet for a costume for C. And found this one.

He loved it. He needed it. And the matching shield, of course.

And while I was not opposed to the idea, I was a bit hesitant. At the time, we didn't even have a place to go or anything to do for Halloween. And I certainly wasn't keen on the price. Because who wants to spend $35 on a costume that will be worn for a photo op and then never be seen again? Not me.

So, we didn't get it. And we were ultimately ok with that. Because we still didn't have any plans.

And even if we did, I still wasn't spending $35 on a costume for a one-year-old.

Go ahead. Call me a mean Mommy and a party pooper. I can take it. I'm not a huge fan of Halloween or trick-or-treating. Just buy some candy and be done with it. You know that's all you really want anyway.

So earlier this week, we were invited to a party at a friend's house. Husband was unsure about going at first, then found out that the goal of the party was to gather for trick-or-treating as a group.

He was all about that. Because if there's one family tradition Husband had as a kid, it was being run like a slave through all the "good" neighborhoods on Halloween night until he was so burdened with candy his arms could hardly lift his treat bag and he almost couldn't bear to put one foot in front of the other.

And why not pass that on to our son?

So that called for a costume. Emergency mode: must find awesome costume before Friday. On Wednesday. No time to order one. Hard-headed me still wasn't going to spend $20 at the store for a costume. So we got creative.

And we decided to dress C as a real-live, honest to goodness person. May I present to you, "Injured Tony Romo":

That's right. A Dallas Cowboy player. One who happens to be riding the pine right now because of an injured pinky on his throwing hand.

But even more importantly, a free costume. Because I'm almost positive that at the game on Sunday, I saw Tony on the sidelines in his practice t-shirt with a Buzz Lightyear Band-Aid on his pinky finger.

Here's the crew we went trick-or-treating with.

And I use that term rather loosely. While everyone else traveled on through the neighborhood, we hit about three houses. Because with a kid C's age, you feel like you're just taking people's candy. And there was at least one house that dug to the bottom and found some crappy candy for us. They knew.

C and Miss M got to ride in a wagon for their trick-or-treating trek.

And then we went back to the house and sat on the porch, where we chatted, helped hand out candy, and C devoured some crackers that were almost as big as his head. He'd eaten part of a cookie earlier and managed to get chocolate everywhere, so I was done with him having sweets for the night.

We stopped by Sass's house on our way home, where we neglected to get pictures. We enjoyed hanging with her crew for a bit, and C loved playing with Chester, Sass's giant dog. By that time the Buzz Lightyear bandage was gone, giving Husband hope that maybe, just maybe, that was a good omen for Sunday's game against the Giants.

Hey, a man can hold out hope.

And if you'll excuse me, my boy is napping and I have some candy to eat. Pin It


  1. That may be my favorite costume of the year! :O)

  2. yeah i agree...that was prob the best costume... matt agrees... and he is also hoping for the return of Romo...that dumb pinky