Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Works-For-Me-Wednesday: Wedding Registry Help

I am totally breaking the rules this week for Works For Me Wednesday. I hope Shannon will forgvie me.

It has to be something really important for me to hijack WFMW. And it is. Trump is getting married! In 12 weeks. That's right. 3 months. Obviously we are not fans of long engagements around here.

So, being the awesome sister I am, I have agreed to help Trump pre-shop for her wedding registry items. You know, help her decide what she really needs and doesn't need before she goes with the Groom-to-be to pick out the final stuff.

Because with the wedding a short 12 weeks away, they would rather spend their precious time making decisions instead of blankly staring at a wall of 83 plates and trying to decide which one they both like.

But here's the deal. Ya'll, I need some help. I've printed off a couple of registry lists for suggestions, and MY WORD, there's a bunch of crap on there. They won't be registering for the 12-piece Bar Set, so that one's easy.

But it's been a long time since I started from scratch. So any help you have to offer would be appreciated.

*What did you get that you couldn't live without?
*What do you wish you'd gotten?
*What was a total waste of time, (someone else's) money, and more importantly, storage space?
*What were you so desperate to have that you went out and spent your OWN precious American dollars on it?

C'mon, I know you have ideas. And I know there are lurkers out there who read and never comment. Now is the perfect time to offer up your two cents. Because it may only be two cents, but it's two cents more than I've got right now!

And we're going shopping on Friday. Friday. As in the day after tomorrow. So get typing!

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  2. This may be dumb, but the absolute best thing Matt and I registered for (and received) was this down, mattress cover thing. It was extra cushy and thick and I would KILL for another one. (It's been retired for some time now. I think everyone needs another wedding shower around 5 years.)

  3. I would agree that after you've been married a few years, you need another shower.

    I would love that down mattress thing, but Husband would probably hate it. He doesn't care for anything that retains heat since he radiates it.

  4. Anonymous10:18 AM

    I didn't register for a KitchenAid mixer because I thought they were too expensive. I ended up buying it myself once I realized how much cooking and baking I was going to be doing as my new hobby.

    We registered for board games...and those were a huge part of our bonding time the first few months we were married. Highly recommend!

  5. I second or third a blanket for the bed. We didn't register - we ended up buying one on our own and we use it every day.

    Kitchen items - I was gifted a Kitchenaid mixer before I was married, and while I seldom use it, it's awesome when I do.

    The crock pot got use almost immediately, and mine came with a carry bag so I can take it to work potlucks easily.

    Possibly the most important items are the cookware. Get a good cookware set, with strong handles, a thick bottom for easy cleaning, an NOT Teflon coated (it scratches and doesn't work well). There are some "hard anodized" kind where the non-stick is incorporated into the metal, and I have a couple pieces of that. Absolutely wonderful stuff. The brand I like is Analon.

    Good cookware is expensive, but remember that family members can go in together on the purchase, and make sure you indicate it's ok to buy the couple gift cards for the stores where they registered.

  6. Anonymous1:39 PM

    We skipped registering for china place settings. Just didn't (and still don't) think they are practical.

    Some things we got and love: shop vac, handy vac, towels, (we got so many towels and washcloths that we still have a box of them in our storage room... 10 years later!)pillows. EXTRA pillows! (nice to have on hand for company and a growing family)

  7. Good pots and pans.
    A block of knives.
    A kitchenaide.
    How to cook everything by Mark Bittman.

    If you get a down comforter and cover, you probably should also get something lighter to put on the bed in the summer, like a quilt - lots of bedding has coordinating duvet covers and quilts, so you don't freeze in the winter and burn up in the summer.


  8. I wish I would have keep my big ticket items more neutral (dishes, bedding, even towels.) As a newlywed, you don't always have the money to change those things as your taste changes...and it will.

    Good cookie sheets are a must.

    Board games are a super idea.

    Have fun!

  9. We just got married in February, so everything is still quite fresh.

    I LOVE: my kitchenaid (6 CUP, not 5, mom bought herself a 5 and she regrets it) white dishes (crateandbarrel is awesome), white turkish cotton towels, white NICE sheets, and vases

    I love what I didn't register: aprons, tea towels, table linens, colorful serving pieces. (I would register for more if I knew I would love it so much)

    I regret: large, trendy pieces (that HUGE ornamental bowl) registering for fine china ( I love it, but it is expensive, no one will buy it and you will get stuck with 3 settings and a teapot), and trying so hard to convince people knives were OK (I wanted Wustof, but knives 'cut the friendship' I say bs.)

    I noticed: people love buying things that are 20-30 dollars or less and combining them to a price that is comfortable to them. Register for lots of these items or you will be stuck with what they come up with.

    Bottom line: neutral, clean, classic, simple, lasting. Try to cash in on the fact that people want to buy for you and go for items that will last you forever (or at least a VERY long time), forever is the point of marriage isn't it? :)

    enjoy every moment!

  10. Anonymous5:54 PM

    I got married a little over a year ago, so the registry stuff is still pretty fresh in my mind.
    I didn't register for china. I figure I'll be inheriting a set someday anyway and we don't have space to store it now anyways. I registered for a nice, practical multipurpose white set of dishes from Crate and Barrel. I registered for a couple of nice crystal vases (which come in handy when hubby brings flowers home). I think I would have registered for some good knives. I ended up getting enough good knives, but perhaps a good set from Cutco would be good. I wished I could have registered for a Vita Mix (a really expensive blender - $400 - but it's not available from any stores). The blender I did get has had leaking issues, etc. Go ahead and register for table linens and fun napkin rings (I did, I got them, and I love them!) I also registered for linens (such as towels etc) and they come in handy.

    If you're looking at places to register, I highly recommend Crate & Barrel. They were fantastic about service and quick delivery for people who ordered presents online for us. Bed Bath and Beyond was excellent too. And I don't recommend JC Penney. They had terrible service and their selection wasn't great.

  11. When we were starting out I didn't register for china because I knew we needed everyday stuff. If I had it to do over I would have registered for the china and gone with one of those cheaper boxed sets for the everyday.

  12. Let me see...I have now been married for 30+ years...don't want to do the math to figure out the small details. Back then you registered for "everything" - and we got just about "everything." I have since sold the "fancy" glasses at a flea market. Too many kids and a country life style don't mix with "fancy." Still use the BIG crockpot we got as a wedding gift. This bride probably won't need it - but others of you might need to add basic tools to your list. Screwdriver/hammer/picture hanging stuff/jumper cables for the car. Battery charger for him. Those are the kind of things you take for granted at Dad's house.

  13. A great set of knives is awesome with matching utensils. We just bought some Cutco knives, I can't wait to get them! We had a pretty good set from family and they have lasted our 16 1/2 years but it was time for more.
    I would have loved the kitchen aide mixer and a good blender (glass carafe etc).
    I love my cast iron skillets! I swear that is why I am not anemic. lol Congrats! She needs her own set of PINK tools so they will remain with her!! lol
    Remind them that marriage takes 3.

  14. i'm getting married in 25 days, and my favorite gift so far is the 600 thread count king size sheet set! Mr. Right already had sheets for his bed, but I insisted that we wanted new bed coverings. That's something i won't feel like i can fork over the money for later down the line (we went with a gray comforter so it wouldn't go out of style quickly) but would be a great gift.