Thursday, September 04, 2008

M3 Came Sweeping Down The Plain

Well, not exactly.

But I have to sing the first line in the song from the famous musical every time we cross the state line into Oklahoma. Drives Husband nuts. I can't help myself.

This time, we were headed to The OK to see Mohawk Monitor Man (aka M3). He works for Miranda Lambert, and they were doing a show a couple hours away. And as it has been forever since we saw him, we were excited to go crash the setup of said concert and steal him away for a few hours.

So, Husband, Chickster, NLB and I piled into the Xterra and headed over. Yes, NLB went with us. See, even though Husband and I met and sort of adopted M3 into our family when we were in Texas, the rest of our family has sort of adopted him too. He's like another brother. That we never really wanted.

We arrived while the guys were setting the stage and got to see all the fun wires, cables, and gadgets. Oh, and a case of guitars that are probably worth more than my house.

We made a quick lunch trip and went back for sound check. I say, "we". Really M3 made it back for sound check and the rest of us hung out in the Green Room.

Ya'll, it did actually have green carpet. I've been in plenty of green rooms before, and none of them have ever had anything green. Except this one.

Chickster played, Husband, NLB and I tried to watch TV, but as the sound check was rattling the wall, it was a bit difficult. Folks were coming in and out too, and every time the door was opened, it was even louder.

If Chickster hadn't already been to a Miranda Lambert concert (courtesy of M3, of course) and sat on the 4th row (in utero), I might've been concerned about his hearing. But being the type of Mom who takes her pregnant self to a concert, I wasn't.

So after sound check, we did what any self-respecting person from our area does when they go to that town. We went to the mall.

And on our way back to the concert venue, we ran into M3's boss, Miranda Lambert. She was with her Dad. Whom we had seen in the green room and didn't know that's who he was.

They were at the mall buying a gift for Miranda's Mom for their 29th wedding anniversary.

It was sweet, ya'll. Miranda's Dad told us about how he'd proposed to his wife. And as Miranda opened the box to show us what he'd bought her, he was excited. I'd say giddy, but he probably wouldn't appreciate being described as giddy. But he was probably as excited as the day he asked his wife to marry him.

After they headed off to grab a bite to eat, we turned to notice that there were several people standing around, watching us talk. "Is that Miranda Lambert?" they asked.

Yep, it was. And kudos to them, because I wouldn't have recognized her randomly in the mall. Even after sitting my big pregnant self on the fourth row of her concert.

We deposited M3 back where he belonged for the concert and headed home. Not that we wouldn't have enjoyed hearing Miranda Lambert again, but it was Saturday and the old motto of, "Sunday's comin'" doesn't lie.

But it was worth it. We had fun with M3. Maybe we can see him again sometime soon. Pin It


  1. I sing at least the first line to that song every time I cross the line too! Honestly, I don't think I know much more of the song than that to sing. It drives Deputy Guy crazy too.

  2. Hahaha!! M3?? That's hilarious! I love it! Isn't it nice to pretend to be cool because you "know" Miranda Lambert? I think so!

  3. "husband," "M3," "NLB"....I wish I was that lucky to have a code name from Mrs. Swain herself :-) Glad you go to see Chris...he blessed us with his presence indiscretely a few days ago for a few hours at the church!