Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Husband!

Today is my sweet Husband's birthday, and he's turning 35.

I can tell you how old he is because unlike us girls, he's not all caught up in his age. (I'm already slightly freaking out about turning 30 in a few months.)

We've spent many birthdays together, Husband and me. But this is his first birthday with a son to celebrate with us. A year ago at this time, Chickster was still a bun in the oven, and I was about to pop. Husband was hoping Chickster would be born on his birthday. He wasn't. We missed it by 5 days. Today, Chickster sits on the tile floor bouncing a ball that wasn't quite meant to bounce. But bounce it does, and he thinks it's pretty cool.

So Happy Birthday, my Husband. You are a wonderful husband, an awesome dad, and my best friend. I don't think a girl could ask for more.

And just so everyone knows how handsome my boys are, here's a shot from our most recent family pictures. Pretty darn cute, they are.

Channeling Yoda, I must be. Pin It


  1. Happy Birthday, Husband! That pictures is precious.

  2. oh! Oh! I know! I know! The reference to Yoda - that is! :)

    You have to understand that the family loves to make references to movies in random conversations. And the children delight in testing the mom to see if she has a clue about the movie they are referencing. Usually I don't have a fat clue...but when I do I always like to gloat!

    And this mother-in-law is happy to have this guy married to our daughter. Happy Birthday, to you, Son-in-law.

  3. your little guy is so adorable. what a cute picture of the men in your life. so sweet! tell husband happy birthday from us.

  4. good luck on the turning 30 thing....didn't think it would be that hard but OH MY, it hit me hard when i had some oral surgery and saw 29.10 months on my doctor's form! ha!

  5. Very funny, you are. I so thought the Yoda thing before I read that. I wondered if you were doing it on purpose... or if you just were that Yoda-ish.