Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Newbie

I've waited a long time for this.

When Chickster was just a sparkle in our eye, a dream in our hearts, and a prayer on our lips, I bought this shirt for him. That was probably about three or four years ago.

I told you I'd waited a long time.

I ordered it and kept it wrapped in the plastic it came in, tucked away in a drawer. And Husband didn't know about it.

You see, one of Husband's favorite places for nerd-a-phernalia is He and I both have shirts from there, and have even purchased gifts from their glorious website. I wanted our Chickster to have a shirt from there too.

We found out on Christmas Day 2006 that Chickster was on his way. BEST. CHRISTMAS. GIFT. EVER. And I finally pulled this shirt out of the drawer and presented it to Husband.

And now Chickster is big enough to wear it. And being the quiet, not-proud-of-her-kid-at-all Mom that I am, I sent his photo to ThinkGeek as a "Customer Action Shot." As I was browsing the web just a few days later, I found this....Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, the giant black arrow was added for effect.

So not only does Chickster now have clothing for "smart masses" as they say, he gets to show it off to those masses as they browse the site.

Totally worth the wait. Pin It


  1. I love it. He's an internet star.

  2. That's pretty cool. The Gap modeling contract should be coming any day now! :)

  3. I could SO handle that - especially if meant free clothes. Ha!