Tuesday, July 08, 2008

New Things

Chickster has discovered a few new things. And when new things are discovered, they are obviously the coolest things ever. Ever.

First new thing: Opening and closing doors. I'm waiting for his fingers to get smashed. I know it will eventually happen. But until that time, the boy loves to push doors open and closed. He ends up getting in the way sometimes and has to figure out how to maneuver properly in order to get the door past him.

The other day Chickster was playing with the door to the hall bathroom. And he crawled all the way into the bathroom and shut the door. Completely. The only problem was that the light was not on, so he was left sitting in the dark. Pitch dark. He immediately realized his error and began to cry. Poor little guy. But once that door was cracked open, he was fine and back at it, swinging the door back and forth.

So now if he sees a door, he's off to check it out. And he actually prefer that it be closed. I can hardly get anything out of the fridge when he's in the kitchen with me, because he's always waiting to close the door. The pantry is the same. Argus thinks the boy's lost his mind. He just stands by and watches, wondering what in the world is going on.

I keep telling myself this is building his problem-solving skills and not a precursor to an obsessive compulsive disorder. Shut up. It makes me feel better.

Second new thing: Sticking his tongue out. Again, probably not the best thing in the world once he learns how to actually stick his tongue out at someone. And the first time he sticks that tongue out at me with a defiant attitude will be when I will need the Mommy of the Year award for not yanking it out of his adorable little head.

However, until then, it's pretty darn cute. Especially when his little pointer finger finds it and he begins to wiggle his tongue and wrinkle his nose in response. I've yet to get a picture of it. It seems to be an elusive creature, the tongue. It makes its appearances quickly and slyly, then it's gone.

And again, I'm telling myself this whole tongue sticking out phase is a good thing because it will help him learn how to talk. Still waiting on a real, "Mama" or, "Dada." Although, I figure the way things go around here his first word will be, "Argus" or, "Leave it." I'm sure there are worse alternatives. Pin It

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