Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I was struck earlier today when I heard a humorous, yet maddening piece of news. It seems that on the international space station, their potty is um, out of order. And the three guys currently living there are having to "improvise". I don't even want to know.

First of all, excuse me, but on this multi-billion dollar, multiple-country cooperative effort you mean to tell me that NO ONE thought that a second toilet (or even a few spare parts) was a good idea? This isn't Starbucks, folks.

What happened to having the best and brightest working in our space and aeronautical industry? I thought you had to be super smart to get a job at NASA and even pass all kinds of tests and stuff. Obviously no one thought to ask on those tests what you think about having more than one potty in the house. Seriously, if you've ever lived in a house with another person and only one bathroom, you know the hades that is the single toilet.

All I can say is that this thing must have been designed by men, because a woman ALWAYS wants a second option.

And what about the genius it takes to not have any spare parts? I mean, this is freakin' outer space, people. It's not like you can hop in the car and drive down the street to the hardware store. I would think that a working toilet would be something pretty important. Especially with three men on the station.

NASA is quick to blame it on Russia, too, noting it is a "Russian-built" potty that is malfunctioning. And it kills me that NASA sent someone to Russia to pick up the spare part.

I can just hear that conversation. "Hi, Honey. I won't be coming home from work tonight - have to fly to Russia and pick up a toilet for the space men."

And so the poor sap who drew the short straw is now hurrying back to Florida to get the 35 pound potty on the Discovery, meanwhile they're having to dump other stuff off the shuttle to make room for it. Hope you didn't need that flux capacitor.

Breathing, eating, pottying. Top three priorities, in that order. All that space research is irrelevant if you die from lack of oxygen, hunger, or explode 'cause you can't go poo. Pin It

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  1. I have not been following the news closely and missed this important development in the NASA space program.

    I had to work on a toilet in a hotel yesterday...I sure hope they don't have to go to Russia to get the part for their toilet.