Monday, May 26, 2008

The Mystery of Boys

I love boys. I'm so glad God gave us a son. Don't get me wrong, I would've been thrilled with a daughter and loved her like crazy. We may have a daughter at some point in the future, and that would be awesome. But I think I'm more suited to boys.

Why? Just because. (Mommies can give answers like that, you know.)

There are, however, several things about boys that baffle me. I won't go into all of them now. Maybe this will become a series. Who am I kidding? Of course I'll write more about the crazy things my little boy does.

That's the best way I can think of to psychologically damage him before age 12. Isn't that a Mom's job?

There are several things boys do that girls never would. And most of those things, girls are completely baffled about. Why do they do them? What's the purpose? At what age do these behaviors start?

Things like the ability to turn any innanimate object into a weapon. Or why camo is so cool. How they are magnets for dirt and their underwear seems to always have skid marks. Why bugs and frogs must be stored in jeans pockets. And why demolition is the closest some will ever come to having a real hobby.

But this one thing I had really wondered about. And if you've ever babysat, have a brother, a son, a husband, or spent much time around anyone of the male gender, you've probably wondered it too.

So here it is.

When do boys "find themselves"?

Not in the new-age etherial sense of self-awareness. You know what I mean. Themselves. Their man parts.

It's no secret, so don't act all shocked. You know you've at least wondered what is so special about that equipment that it must be touched and/or adjusted every 30 seconds. Little boys and athletes are the worst. I mean, seriously. Do they forget it's there? Or think it will fall off? Does it really require that much attention? Sounds like some high maintenance stuff to me.

I'm sure it starts out as a fascination for a newly discovered body part, not unlike the ears, feet, or hands. But for some reason, the preoccupation with toes doesn't hang around quite like this.

So, having a son of my own now, I wondered at what age the man parts become an object of facination to their owner. And while I can't pinpoint the exact day, time, and place, I can tell you it's pretty dang young. Babycenter recently featured an article that says it happens at 1-2 years old.

Of course, as I like to think my boy is above average, I must admit this is one time I wouldn't have minded if he was a little behind the curve. Because once it starts, it never stops. Ah, boys. Gotta love 'em! Pin It


  1. Scott B.8:22 PM

    I normally don't respond to these but felt this one I had personal experience in.

    I read the "Bringing up boys" book (part of it) and it does talk about the testosterone altering the neural pathways. Very interesting as it does also explain why boys do things girls will never consider.

    As for the finding themselves, I am not sure but there does become an “awareness” and is normally followed by 6 million questions about location of these parts, who has and does not have what (especially when the family is getting ready in the morning). Our daughter has also become “aware” and that has sparked a lot of additional questions that for some reason as the man of the house I develop a complete loss of words which ends up with me redirecting them to some toy or the always faithful answer, “Go ask your Mother”. [I picked that one up years ago and it has saved by bacon on numerous occasions.]

    From there it only gets worse.
    1.) Artwork now becomes anatomically correct (in a Van-Gough sort of way)
    2.) You begin to worry about discussions at church and school
    3.) They begin to refer to the body parts by name and in really loud voices only when other people are around. One morning we were walking into church (just started visiting) down the preschool hall, our son was pulling at himself, I (being the supportive dad) asked what was wrong. He responded (in a volume slightly lower than a full out yell) that his (insert male anatomy name here) hurt.


  2. It's nice to hear from Scott B. and hear a man/Dad's perspective on the subject!

  3. Well, here's a girl's perspective. I don't want Jeb to ever find it. It freaks me out!! I'm thinking of just duck taping it so he can't ever touch it. Ah!!.. the whole thing is weird. Girl parts aren't weird. I'm not looking forward to the man part discovery!!!!