Thursday, May 08, 2008

Laser Treatment #1 Progress

Well, it has been a week since Chickster's visit to Laser Beam Doc. He's made tremendous progress, and has been quite a trooper. I think his face was a bit sensitive the first few days, but after that he never acted like it bothered him.

We don't yet know how much, if any, change we will see after this first procedure. The doc told us we might not notice a change until after he's had a couple of treatments since they start off with the lowest setting and dial it up a notch each time instead of just turning it up to 11. And since it takes a while for the skin to settle back down after being zapped, it will be a few more weeks before we can really get a good look.

LBD's office called today and we scheduled his next laser surgery for 3 months down the road. I have to admit I feel a bit less apprehensive about it since we have one under our belt and know what to expect. And it's 3 months away and I don't really have to think about it much. Yet.

Anyway, here are some pictures of his progress. Please forgive the bad lighting and weird angles. It's hard to get a picture of the side of an 8 month old's face, especially since he happens to be a little ham.

This is right afterwards.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 5 (Yes, I skipped a day. Shoot me.)

Day 6

Day 7

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  1. I can definitely see the change from day one. He looks so good! I cannot wait to see the end result! Miss you guys and no I haven't made your dessert yet... but Matt never ceases to remind me that I now hold the recipe in my possession. ha that little stinker