Monday, April 07, 2008

**Fixed** Where's the Baby?

As Chickster has begun to explore his surroundings more, he seems to be getting cuter and funnier by the day. He finds new things each day that are cooler than anything else in the world. It's a blast to watch him get such a kick out of himself and the simplest things we take for granted.

He's learned how to roll under the coffee table. Obviously it's the coolest thing ever. He hasn't yet whacked his head on the corner, but I'm sure that's coming very soon. He seems to thoroughly enjoy laying under the table and reaching up to play with the edges - with his hands and feet, of course.

He also has discovered the 'baby in the mirror.' He tries to act all cool about it, but he really seems to be fascinated by the little creature peering back at him. Today he was playing in the floor while I was at my desk. I caught him giving an open-mouth kiss to the little mirror baby. I wasn't able to catch that on video, but here he is playing hard to get with his new friend. Oh, and notice the fake cough - another new, completely spectacular trick he's recently learned.

*I know, the video wasn't working. Long story and I won't bore you with details. It works now, and that's all that matters!
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  1. This video reminds me of how "out of sight, out of mind" I am in my own life!