Thursday, April 24, 2008

One Week Countdown

One week from today is Chickster's first treatment for his birthmark.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't a bit nervous about the whole thing. I guess because I don't really feel prepared. I don't know if you can ever feel prepared when you're doing something like this for the first time or when your baby is going to be knocked out and zapped with a laser.

I keep picturing something like this.

Clearly not the visual image I need to have at this point.

The staff always tries to reassure you and give you the info you need, but a lot of times they forget (or don't know about) the little things that make a big difference. But I keep reminding myself that if we get there and need something, we're only in the state capital, not a third world country.

And they have Wal-Mart there.

But my Type-A brain is having trouble dealing with not knowing all the details. We will find out what time we have to check in at the hospital the day before the procedure.

Yeah, that's right. The day before. Next Wednesday.

So that leaves me little time to get all my details worked out and a lot of time sitting around wondering until then.

I keep replaying in my head the most nightmarish situation possible. They forget to call or the alarm doesn't go off and we're late. We get caught up in the downtown construction and make continual loops around the hospital in true National Lampoon's European Vacation style.

"Look kids, Big Ben, Parliament!"

So if you don't hear from me much next week, that's why. I'll be going in circles. I promise to post an update next week after we're home.

But just as a reminder that God hasn't taken a vacation, one of our prayers has already been answered. We received a call from the Insurance Specialist at Children's and our insurance company will cover Chickster's treatments. I am so glad I don't have to have that fight.

Please continue to pray for safe travel, no complications with the procedure or anesthesia, Laser Beam Doc and her team, and quick healing.

Oh, and no puking. I've been told the anesthesia could cause Chickster to be pukey on the way home. And while I'm sure my car will eventually be christened with vomit, I'd really prefer it not be now. Pin It


  1. yeah, puke is much more effective and memorable if it's tinted red with either Kool-aid or liquid tylenol. Of course, I wouldn't know...because I never had to clean up that particular variety :) someone else always got that privilege. There's a lot to be said for being in the right place at the right time...or the wrong place at the wrong time depending on which side of the puke story you're telling LOL

  2. Not only did I totally laugh out loud at that video and imagining what you're visualizing (not that his proceedure is funny at all, but Dr. Evil.... now that's funny!), but then I also had to chuckle at NRM at the comment she made about what side of the puke story you're telling - Bwaahhaa!!! You girls are hilarious!

  3. Yeah, I'll have to tell that puke story she's referring to one of these days. Let's just say she was on the clean side.