Monday, April 21, 2008

More List Confessions

Ok, so maybe I didn't tell the whole story the other day when I told you about my grocery list. In reality, the list I take to the store with me is only the end result of multiple lists. Freakish? Maybe.

I have pre-lists for my grocery shopping. Yeah, I know. But I always forget something - you know, important things like deodorant, toilet paper, or butter (You can't bake chocolate chip cookies without butter. And I would be in serious trouble around here if I have a house full of boys and no cookies.). So I have two pre-lists that I refer to when making my grocery list.

After I make my weekly menu, I write in the things I need in order to make the meals I've planned. Then I try to think of anything I need that I didn't already write down. Some things are hard for me to remember - soap, contact solution, etc. And light bulbs. Who ever remembers you need light bulbs until you're nearly sitting in the dark because the second bulb of your three-bulb fixture just burned out? So I decided I would not let that happen again. At least if I could help it.

I have two "staple" lists. One for groceries, one for household items. I went around the kitchen and house and listed all the stuff I buy on a regular basis or that I need to keep and might forget to put on my list. So, after I have my necessities on the current week's grocery list, I check the staple lists and add anything I know I'm out of or running low on. Sometimes there's simply not room in the budget for some of those items, so it pays to keep a little ahead of the need. These staple lists really help me do that. Two bucks isn't much when you have it, but a lot when you don't.

So yeah, I feel like even more of a nerd with my not one, but three lists that are necessary in order to grocery shop. Maybe I do actually outshine the old man with the list arranged by aisle. But it works. And I haven't run out of deodorant in a very long time. I thought you'd appreciate that. I know I do. Pin It

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  1. You're my hero right now! I'm so envious I can't stand it! Oh to be that organized and on budget. Wow. Maybe we need to be in the same room with you more often and some of your amazing organizational skills will rub off on me by osmosis or something.