Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Ok, so I've been a bit lazy with the posting lately. I'll be better, I promise. I actually have a few things working, I just haven't finished them. I know, excuses, excuses. Here are a few pictures of the cutest boy in the world to make up for my transgressions.

He loves to prop those feet! He rolled/scooted/wiggled over to the changing table and put his feet up.

He's actually been playing with his feet a lot more lately. He spends part of his time trying to pull his socks off, so they end up hanging halfway off his feet for part of the day. He'd just gotten started here.

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  1. He is too cute!

    Thanks for stopping by today.

    You're at one of the challenging ages for nursing, at least in my opinion. I'd suggest you just follow your little guy's lead and nurse more frequently if need be. Also, I'm not sure if you started solids, but if you have, you might back off a little to get him to nurse more. Of course, a quiet and somewhat dark room can help as well.

    Both of my oldest children had spells like this and both nursed for close to a year.

    BTW, I loved your List post. I'm like that too. I love lists. Now, if I could only follow them a fraction of the time!

    And, I'm tempted to follow that man's lead and group my grocery list by aisles. It isn't easy shopping with little ones as I'm sure you know.

  2. I absolutely love the little guy's hair. Hard to believe you were carrying him around in his carrier as a newborn not so long ago. Why do they grow up so fast?????