Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Laser Time

The nurse in LBD's office told me that if we hadn't heard from the surgery center by 1pm today, to call them. So I waited until exactly 1:01pm and called.

And got their voicemail. It was kind enough to inform me that "all calls will be returned by 11pm."

Well, crap.

I left a message.

And props to the staff, because they called back by 1:45.

Our appointment is scheduled for late tomorrow afternoon, which I'm not thrilled about. Mainly because Chickster can't eat for 5 hours before his scheduled procedure time. But it will be fine. We will endeavor to shift Chickster's schedule so that he doesn't realize things are wacked out. We'll see if that happens.

I will do my best to post an update Friday morning, pictures included. Pin It

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  1. breathe in....breathe out~i'm praying for you, chris, and that precious boy! know and always remember jesus has an amazing plan for that little life....and the awesome thought that this was even part of his plan! keep your eyes looking UP! love you, girlie! i'll keep checking the blog for updates when you get a chance....otherwise know that you are all bathed in prayer by many who love you dearly!