Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Snow Day!

We got a bit of the white stuff last night. I dislike being cold too much to do the full-fledged snow thing (and Chickster is really too little to enjoy it), but I thought we'd at least take a few pics. So here they are!

The jacket Chickster is wearing here was Husband's when he was little.

Fun in the snow!

Argus couldn't figure out what we were doing and had to investigate.

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  1. I'm thinking that little seat thingy could easily be made into a sled. Tie a strap to the middle there...secure the other end to Argus's collar and off to the races!

  2. Methinks Argus is a tad too lazy for that. The only tracks he made in the snow were to go out to potty and come right back in!

  3. Curly1:51 PM

    If the dog won't serve his purpose and pull a sled one day a year then the boy needs a pony. If only for that one day a year!

  4. brinkleyfireman11:46 AM

    One day when he is 18 or 20, he is gonna hit you in the head with some type of club for taking his picture with blue underware on his head.

  5. Then he'll have to hit me twice. I bought a green hat just like it in the next size up for next winter.