Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Ah, Chickster's first Easter. The Easter Bunny didn't visit this year. He knew Chickster was too little to appreciate the eggs and candy (although I would've enjoyed the chocolate). Next year, Chickster will be big enough to enjoy the magic of searching for cheap plastic eggs stuffed with refined sugar. Until that time, here are a few photos from this year.

Hanging out after eating.

Papa Duke is indroducing Chickster to Angel, one of the horses.

Chickster's Easter outfit. My favorite part is the socks!

After kicking Uncle HLB for a while during church, Chickster was still busy with his feet when we got home. He rolled over to the couch and put his feet up.

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  1. Jonathan had those same exact easter socks! He loved that they had diamonds on them and it even distracted him from the sweater that he hated.

  2. The socks are definitely the coolest. Poor Jeb didn't get an Easter Bunny visit either. I guess they can wait till next year to eat Easter grass!

  3. Well, we definitely need to figure out a haircut for me...shame on you for posting that picture. You have photo shop, couldn't you give me a cute "do" with that?! LOL