Friday, October 05, 2007

Week 4 Photos

Here are a few pics from this past week.

Chickster is learning to smile, but it's hard to catch with the camera!

Napping at Cini's.

Chickster with Uncle Deputy Guy.

More practice signaling "Touchdown!"

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  1. Seems that everytime I call Caedmon is "fussin" - but here all I see is a sleepin' boy! :)

    Of course, you can't take pictures when you have your hands full of squirming boy!

    Has he started losing his hair yet? I've probably lost more hair in the past 4 weeks than he has!

  2. Curly9:41 AM

    I can see the wheels turning in Deputy Guy's head, and I think I probably don't want to know what mischief he is plotting....

  3. Yes, Chickster has thinning hair. That hasn't gotten rid of his baby mullett, though. That will be remedied next week when we go for his first haircut.

    Deputy Guy had better restrain need to start getting the boy in trouble already!