Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Road Trip!

Chickster and I took his first visit to Mom & Dad's the other day. Several siblings were in and out during our visit, and poor Squirt was stuck doing Algebra the whole time. Of course, Chickster slept a good part of the visit, but he did wake up long enough to hang out with his Cini some.

Chickster is starting to get this whole "sleep during the day" thing down a little better. He's on his second nap today - which is awesome considering he has been staying awake for long periods during the day and then sleeping straight through the evening and night besides waking up to eat. By that time, he's a little cranky because he's so tired, so hopefully he'll realize this whole "nap" concept is a good idea - for him and for me. However, this cannot be comfortable...can it?

Here are a few other pics for good measure...

Here's Chickster and me last night hanging out after his bath. It was kind of hard for Husband to get a good shot because he was being very squirmy. I guess he needs to burn up some pent-up energy after a bath like the dogs do, except he can't run around the house at lightning speed and rub his wet self all over the carpet. Let's hope he doesn't learn that, either.

Here's our boy hanging out with two of his favorite things - the Boppy pillow and his pacifier. Many thanks to BG for the Boppy and K for the washrag-thru-the-pacifier trick. Both have been immensely helpful. Pin It

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  1. Yea for the paci trick! Glad the naps are getting more routine too.