Sunday, September 09, 2007

De Feet

I know I promised frequent updates, but things have been a tad busy around our place. I even had to have Husband make my last post. But I'm back, and thought I'd show you something fun.

Chickster obviously looks very much like his Dad, which I think is awesome. Some have even joked that with a pair of black-rimmed glasses, Husband would have his very own "mini-me." However, there is at least one part of him where he takes after his Mom. Check it out:

The pic on the left is a Polaroid (remember those?) that Mom dug out this past week. That's my foot. Dad has always teased me about the size of my feet at birth - and the length of my toes. "Monkey toes," he called them. I still have big feet and long toes. Apparently, somebody else is on the same path, because the picture on the right is of Chickster's feet. I've always been a sucker for baby feet, so of course I think it's cool that he has feet like mine. I just hope he doesn't have shoe issues like me...that will definitely be a challenge. I'll have to tell you sometime about the shoes I refused to wear at about age 6. It'll be my luck that Chickster will be just as opinionated about his shoes as I am. See, Mom, I'm already getting a taste of my own just has a delayed reaction. Pin It


  1. Curly9:21 AM

    Certainly long skinny feet and monkey toes can pose a problem with shoes, but I don't know that that particular problem can be much worse that the problems that most of his aunts and uncles have had with extra wide feet. There are not enough wide shoes in the world. And there are certainly issues with dressy shoes and dressy sandals.

  2. I really hope I never have to buy this boy "dressy sandals." If I do, I think we will all be in trouble.