Thursday, September 27, 2007

Baby Questions:

Can someone please explain to me:

How does something go into one end of a baby as a liquid, and come out the other end with little chunks added to it?

How does a baby know the instant you are going to sit down and eat your dinner or that you have to pee so badly you will be the one needing to be changed if you don't go NOW?

How come you can rock and rock a baby that is fighting sleep, and the instant you lay them across your knees on their belly, they drift into dreamland. However, you feel like you will kill your kid if you allow them to sleep on their belly because that's what all the doctors tell you. So you sit and ponder if you should just stay where you are or try to put them down in their crib (on their back, of course). The main thing you're wondering is what's more important: that the kid sleeps, or that you are about to pee your pants? Pin It

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  1. yeah, well, if you find out the answers let me know. I think God has an almost wicked sense of humor! If you could ascribe the character of wickedness to God...

    The one thing you figure out - you are willing to make sacrifices for another's well-being. That is the ultimate lesson of parenthood. The good parents learn the balance between making sacrifices on another's behalf for their well-being and enabling the kid to position themselves to be the one to learn to make sacrifices. Good luck on your journey!