Thursday, July 05, 2007

All Hail the Queen!

Trump (and Pepsi) took the title of Miss Rodeo of the Ozarks on July 4. The field of competition was stiff, and we are very excited about her win. Trump was again sponsored by Ranalli Farms, who graciously gave and loaned her all kinds of stuff.

The shirts she wore during the four-day competition were handmade by Mom - Trump's very own custom designer. Dad, Squirt, and the rest of the family helped take care of Pepsi while Trump was occupied with her contestant duties.

Trump also won the horsemanship award on Pepsi - a horse she purchased and trained herself. Oh, and that competition was in several inches of mud and slop that made up the rodeo arena due to the torrential downpour the night before. Way to go, Pep!

Trump's loot includes a new headstall and saddle for Pepsi, a photo shoot with a local photographer, and some other stuff I've already forgotten about, mainly since I wasn't listening to the announcer when he rattled it all off.

Congratulations to Trump and Pepsi...and Mom and Dad, and everybody else who put in a lot of work in order to make the whole thing possible. Pin It


  1. Now all I want to know is how in blue blazes can that girl stand to wear that long sleeved shirt and jeans in that HOT weather!!! Even as I sit here at my computer in the air conditioning, I'm sweating just thinking about it! Although I guess the fact that I'm preggers doesn't help that much....... but still.

  2. Anonymous11:13 AM

    So I have to admit that I hardly ever read your blog. I'm sorry... But I would like to thank you for the miny story on my self. Thanks so much for supporting me and being a great sister! :)