Friday, June 08, 2007

Chickster Pix

Well, we went today and had a photo session for the Chickster. No, he still hasn't made his debut yet - we just decided we weren't going to wait any longer, and wanted to see what he looked like. Here are a few of my favorites.

Here he is sucking his fist. Yeah, pretty cliche, but cute anyway.

This is a profile shot of his leg and arm - he's not completely wadded up into a ball, but he's not far from it. Still chewing on his hand. Oh, and notice the stellar spelling skills of the lady who did our ultrasound.

Here's a 3-D shot of the boy. Eyes closed, reclining back, arm up across his chest, sucking on his bottom lip this time.

And last, but certainly not least, my favorite of the pics. You can't see all of his face, but he's definitely relaxed here. Eyes closed - I think he was settling down and getting ready for a nap. The dark thing across his chest is the umbilical cord. You can almost see eyelashes. I think he definitely has Husband's nose, and looks quite a bit like him. I guess we'll find out for sure when he arrives. Pin It


  1. Ok - so how was it, really? I've heard positive and negative about the 3D deal. Yours looks amazing! And little chickster looks fabulous and oh so relaxed.

  2. We had fun with it. We knew it was for "recreational purposes only," so we didn't bother to ask any real questions. And I would say that we got our money's worth - the lady kept us in there almost twice as long as we were scheduled. One, because she didn't have an appointment after us, and two, because the little stinker kept his head buried up in my hip the whole time and she really wanted to get some better pictures of him.

    He never pulled his head out of his hidey hole, but at least I figured out why my hip has been killing me at night - he's doing a headstand on it!

  3. Beautiful! Looks like he's going to have his mama's eyes.