Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Ok, so maybe I've been watching too much of The Office lately, but sadly I have begun to think sort of like Dwight Shrute when it comes to my wonderings. This one comes from a frustrating shopping trip over the weekend.

Question: If horizontal stripes are such a bad thing, then why are half of all maternity tops (and regular tops, for that matter) made with horizontal stripes?



Answer: The fashion industry just wants to make money, so they lure you into buying something you think is cute, then put on at home (in the non-skinny regular mirror)after you've already removed the tags, and realize it makes you look fat. Thus, you never wear the shirt again, yet you can't return it, so you go out and buy another to replace it. Pin It


  1. It's a conspiracy. I've been trapped too many times. :) I never, ever untag a shirt until I've tried it on with my mirror.
    But beware the dreaded delayed stripe reaction.

  2. NineranchMom8:52 AM

    The conspiracy is broader than you imagine because I saw a segment on Oprah the other day ... pregnant women in horizontal stripes. I think it was Oprah that said but horizontal stripes are supposed to make you look fat... But the fashion person quickly decried that...and made the attempt to convince everyone in the audience that the pregnant woman in prison stripes really didn't look "that" fat. :)

    So the conspiracy is far reaching...

  3. Well gosh, if it's on Oprah, it must be the gospel truth then. What am I thinking? :P

    And what really is the difference between "fat" and "that fat"?