Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Neighbor Update

It's been a while since I updated everyone on the comings and goings of the neighborhood. Shall we?

Razorback Fan is still with us. He tried to sell his house for months, and being just about the only house for sale in the entire neighborhood, had very little luck. So he gave up, got out of the contract he had on his new house and has stayed where he is. Meanwhile, there are now three other houses on our street, and about 10 total in our neighborhood for sale. Bad timing, Razorback Fan...perhaps some of the team's bad timing has rubbed off on you.

Orange Truck Guy and Girl and OTKids are still around too. They play outside quite a bit, much to Argus' dismay. It's fun to see the kids outside with sidewalk chalk when we come home in the afternoons, or chasing each other up and down the driveway on her pink bike with training wheels and his little red tricycle. Of course, their outdoorsyness becomes much to our dismay as well when they decide to use our front yard for their field of play, whether it be football, chase, or soccer. They don't bother anything, but it really drives Husband batty for them to be all up in our front yard and driveway without permission. Kinda bugs me too, but short of going out and fussing at them, I'm not quite sure what to do. When they're in the front yard, we do allow Argus to bark at them all he wants. Not quite the action we would prefer, but annoying, none the less.

Non English Speaking Neighbors...where to begin? That's what you really want to hear about, isn't it? I'll try to remember everything that's gone on since my last update, but I'm sure I'll leave something out. They've mainly been up to their normal, completely annoying habits. You know, living outside, never closing their back door or windows (so that we can revel in the joy of their everyday lives), letting their kids do whatever they want. Including, but not limited to, poking sticks and long strands of grass thru the fence at the dogs, and throwing rocks at and over the fence at the dogs while screaming "Dog! Dog!" in their native language. Oh, and the trash. Apparently they've filled their own yard with trash to the point that it's overflowing, because we've had quite a bit of it end up in our yard lately. And some toys too - at least I suspect the toys belong to them. No way to know for sure, because they won't ask for them back. But OTKids usually come over within 3.7 seconds to get their toys back when they come over the fence, so I'm guessing these others belong to NESN.

I've caught them in the act a few times lately - actually in the process of banging on the fence to get the dogs to come over, yelling at them, then poking something at them or throwing rocks at them. Of course, being the kind, English-speaking person that I am, I yelled at them in a language they are completely oblivious to. They just stared at me through the cracks in the fence like I had 3 heads or something. One day, I noticed the older kid outside with them - the one that speaks English and loves to climb fences and play outside naked...anyway, I stood on the gas meter (sorry, gas company), got his attention, and told him I didn't appreciate the little ones throwing stuff into my yard, and would he please ask them to stop. He understood me - at least he said he did, and then said something to the little kids. It was probably something like, "She likes it - throw more rocks."

But all of a sudden in the past couple of weeks, they got very quiet. At first, we just counted our blessings that the dogs could be outside without rocks and refuse raining down on them. Then, we held our breath, waiting for the shower of trash to begin again. Then, I finally decided that they'd started playing out in the front yard with the other neighborhood kids on their street. Or that maybe somebody got a fat clue and put a stop to the rock tossing contests. Wrong, all wrong.

I found out this past weekend from a little round-ish man with white hair carrying a clipboard, camera, and measuring tape that their house is in the process of being repossessed. He was there checking the place out on behalf of the mortgage company. That news comes with mixed feelings. First, elation, because the NESNs are gone, and I won't have to worry about them throwing their half-crushed Coke cans and millions of gray rocks into my yard anymore. Then fear, because who knows who the mortgage company will sell the house to? Hopefully they'll at least speak English so that if they decide to live in their back yard, leave their windows and doors open for the world to hear their life, keep livestock, have annoyingly loud parties late into the night, allow their children to play naked in the yard, train for the shot-put with tons of gray rocks, learn their aiming skills by poking things through the fence, and are just generally annoying, I can at least talk to them about it. Pin It

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