Sunday, September 17, 2006

Chip & Dale

Ok, so I've found out what has been driving Criket out of her mind lately. Chipmunks. You know, like Chip & Dale, the cute little mischevious guys that used to drive Donald Duck crazy. Except that these don't talk, aren't funny, and my dog is Donald Duck.

I was talking to Razorback Fan the other night, and asked if he'd had any pest problems. He said he had some chipmunks that were living in his yard, and their favorite place to hide from his little foo-foo-dog was under the A/C unit. Ah ha! So that's what has been visiting our yard, taking full advantage of our A/C unit and driving my dog wacko. I told him of her obsession with the A/C and of the three baths she'd had in the past two days. He chuckled and replied that his dog didn't bother to dig after them...she just watched them. Silly dog...that's why they're coming into my yard. I guess they need entertainment. Or else they're triple-dog-daring each other to come into the yard where the psycho dogs live.

Last night, Husband and I watched Argus watch a chipmunk. As I said, he's not the most aggressive hunter. He stood as still as a statue for a solid minute - that I saw, anyway - until the little chipmunk darted under the fence into NESN's backyard. After Chip (or Dale, whichever one it was) left, he sniffed around after it. And by that time Criket had really started to wonder what he was doing, and she joined in the sniffing. There are clearly several places along the fence where the little creatures are sliding underneath the fence, digging in from the other side.

I don't really know what we can do about little Chip and Dale, besides just hope the dogs wear them out enough they quit coming back. Poor things...they're probably suffering from hunger or having a hard time gathering their winter stores. It's been so blasted hot and we're minus a few trees lately. If it would make them go away, I would purchase food for them. Thing is, they'd probably like it and come back for more. Hopefully soon they will be hibernating and we won't have to worry about them for a few months. I just hope they don't start a family in the spring. Pin It

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