Monday, May 29, 2006


Ok, so without even meaning to be, I was pretty productive this weekend. Of course, I had an extra day, so maybe I wasn't really more productive, it just seemed that way.

We went to see X3 on Friday night. It was good. You could definitely tell that Brian Singer didn't direct, as he abandoned this project to direct Superman (which also comes out soon). But overall, a pretty good movie, and worth the price of admission.

Saturday, Husband and I took the dogs for a walk on the trail at the park. It was hot, but the trail was shaded most of the way. We had a great time and wore the dogs out, which was nice. Then, after we got home I decided that I needed to get something done. So I painted the foyer; the same red I used in the kitchen. I've been wanting to do that for a while, just hadn't gotten to it. It looks pretty good. Good job, me.

Sunday, after church I bought groceries. Then later I went shopping. I went with the purpose of purchasing two pair of shorts for Husband. I bought that and more. There were awesome sales going on and I took full advantage of it. I'm rather proud of myself. Not because I spent too much money, but because I could've spent even more had all that stuff not been on sale. I know, stupid, but it makes me feel better. Then I folded laundry...and realized just how much we actually needed clothes.

Today I slept in. It was wonderful. Then I cleaned all morning. After showering and putting on some of my new clothes, I went to get a new curtain for the bedroom. Husband took the closet door off the hinges the other day, so I needed a curtain to cover it. Long story, but the bedroom door and the closet door bang into each other and he'd had enough. So now the door problem is solved - there's one less door and one more curtain. I also shopped a little more before going out to a friend's for a while before going over to Mom & Dad's for dinner. After we came home, I made a dust ruffle for the bed out of a sheet and then re-made the bed with freshly washed sheets.

Whew! I'm tired! Long weekends wear you out! Pin It

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  1. You go, girl!
    I need to come see your red foyer. And your new curtain, and your new bed! Probably makes you feel like you live in a new house!

    And the new clothes make you feel like a new person!

    Those "new" feelings go a long way to overcoming the day to day of LIFE!