Friday, April 28, 2006

Completely LOST

I was so very disappointed that Wednesday's episode of LOST was a stupid recap show. The show's description said it was about their faith being tested and my first thought was " Mr. Eko's church built?" No. Well, I guess it could be, but no one told us anything. It was just that dumb ol' narrator (sorry, narrator guy - nothing personal) telling us the story of how they got to where they are.

When the show opened with the tail section crashing into the water, I should've known what was coming and changed the channel. But did I? No. I just had to watch the entire episode just in case I'd missed something or they dropped in something new. That was a waste of an hour. And I could've switched over to see Kellie Pickler get booted off of AI. What was I thinking? I was thinking I was glad I didn't have to listen to her butcher "Unchained Melody" again, I guess.

It was interesting to see what the producers thought was important. I mean, theoretically, they are running this recap episode in preparation for the last four episodes of the season - to give people a chance to catch up. While they rehashed the whole Others and Henry Gale aspect of recent days, nothing was mentioned about Claire, Kate, and Rousseau finding that medical facility and the lockers with Zeke's fake beard and clothes. They also focused on Hurley's newfound relationship with Libby, but nothing was brought up about his near-attempt at suicide or the possibility that Libby might just be a psycho herself. And what about Rose and Barnard? We had a whole episode about them a couple of weeks ago and they are hardly even seen in the recap. Are they suddenly unimportant?

I dunno. All I know is that the next four episodes are brand spankin' new, and the Season Finale is a whopping two hours long. From what I read in USA Today this week, it'll be well worth watching. Just more recap episodes! Pin It


  1. Well, shoot! I missed my chance to catch up on all the important ins and outs of this intricately planned, twisted fairy tale.

    How about you let me know when the season finale is coming on and I will be good! I can do all of my catching up and spend my summer wondering about what the fall season will bring (well, maybe not.)

  2. Curly7:54 PM

    Ok Mom, you can hardly sit through an entire movie! What is supposed to make us believe that you could watch a regularly scheduled tv show with a plot as intricate as that of LOST?

  3. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Yeah, but what about Chris Daughtry?