Monday, January 16, 2006

Totally Type A part 2

Ok, so I know you're wondering exactly how type A I am, aren't you? Some of you know me and have trouble believing that I am actually that uptight. I have my relaxed moments, but I'm a pretty anal person, truth be told.

But I am really anal about the way things are done at home. I have had to loosten up a bit and chill out on some things. Why? Because when Husband graciously helps with stuff, he does it his way, not mine. And because he's helped, it would be ridiculous as well as ungrateful for me to go back and re-do something that's perfectly fine, just not done "my way." And other things are just a fact of life. So here are a few things that my Type A-ness is bothered by:

  • When the towels aren't placed in the cabinet by size and color.
  • When the folded end of the towel isn't pointing out.
  • When my pants and shirts aren't hung in the right areas, in their right sections.
  • When the toilet paper rolls over the back instead of over the front.
  • When there are fingerprints all over the front of the fridge.
  • When the pillows on the couch are messed up.
  • When I bend over to pick up something out of the floor, and see dog hair piled up around the bed post, baseboard, or anything that stays in one place very long.
  • Hairs in the sink.
  • Water spots on the faucet.
  • The fireplace glass doors are uneven.
  • We currently have an outside light bulb out.
  • The welcome mat leaves gross marks on the front porch.

Ok, still don't believe I'm anal? Once a month, I wipe down all the interior doors in my house, just to make sure there's no dust, dirt, or fingerprints on them. Once a month, each room in my house gets the baseboards vacuumed because I can't stand to see build-up of dust and hair on them. I vacuum my curtains. I dust my artificial plants. I never make my bed, but I must straighten the covers before I get in bed each night. I keep the door closed to the guest room so I don't have to feel bad about not having that bed made. I regularly dust every picture that hangs on the wall. I am currently extremely annoyed at the amount of dust on the mini-blinds, but since they're hidden by curtains, I'm not so worried. But it still bugs me.

See? I probably even border on being obsessive compulsive about some of these things. But I guess that's what being a Type A is all about. And see? I've made another list without even trying. Vicious, vicious cycle.

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  1. Ok, wow. I think I'm party Type A by reading your list. There are some things I'm not quite as seriously concerned about, but if someone else folds the towels and puts them away, I have an internal battle going on between being grateful that someone has helped and an overwhelming NEED to "fix" them! That's just one example. I could go on......

  2. If you will stop and think - some of these behaviors are TRAINED responses. Remember all the times I gave you a rag and had you wipe the doors, or wipe the baseboards?
    And, yes, they are the signs of a Type A personality, but they are also the signs of a person with discipline. You have to have a plan and execute it to get the doors and baseboards wiped successfully.
    The other element to consider would be your strong genetic heritage...i.e. your maternal grandmother. Seems that you are more like her than I am!!!!