Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Sorry this is so late in the day – busy day.

The PostSecret blog was brought to my attention earlier in the week by Ellen. I vaguely remember hearing something about this before, but was unaware that it was a website that was actually updated frequently and now a book. Warning…some of the stuff on this site is a bit “heavy.”

Although saddened and slightly shocked at some of these “secrets,” I came to realize even more than ever before that we are all just people. People who, by our very nature, are depraved. Therefore, we have depraved thoughts. Sometimes we are even harder on ourselves than we are on other people. We all have fears that we never reveal to anyone, mainly because we are afraid of being laughed at, ridiculed, or thought less of. When in reality, the fears we have are frequently shared by others.

And we lie all the time. What? You don’t lie? Sure you do. What did you say the last time someone asked you how you were? You said, “Fine,” didn’t you? Liar. What you really wanted to say was, “I’m tired and I feel like crap, and wish I could just crawl back in bed,” or “I’m worried that the check I wrote for the electric bill will bounce before my paycheck hits the bank,” or “Not so good – just had a fight with my kid/spouse/friend,” or “My job stresses me out and I can’t stand the people I work with.” See? We all do it – every single day. We put on masks every single day, and wear them for everyone – even our family, friends, and spouses. Sometimes especially our family, friends, and spouses.

This site gives you a chance to peek behind the mask…see what people really think. Maybe realize some of your own thoughts and fears. If you can’t identify with at least one secret on this site, please scratch yourself to see if you bleed green.

(And yes, that was totally a reference to “V” from the 80’s) Pin It

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