Monday, October 31, 2005

Rainy Day

I love rainy days like today. The whole day is dark, dreary, and dull. It’s the perfect day to stay home, curl up with a book, watch a good movie, eat soup, drink hot chocolate, and go to bed early. None of which I will be doing. Well, I might can make the hot chocolate thing happen. But that will certainly negate the going to bed early part.

Of course it’s raining…because I washed my car on Saturday. “Finally!” Husband would say. It has been a while, but part of the bug crust that was on there was his doing. Yes, I cheated and went to the automatic car wash, but I scrubbed the bug guts and windows beforehand, so it actually took me a half-hour to wash the vehicle. It could use a more thorough cleaning, but I knew it was going to rain…it always does. After hearing all the “folks” around here talk about how much we need the rain, maybe I should’ve washed the car earlier…it would’ve rained sooner.

Of course it’s raining…because thousands of little kids want to dress up in over-commercialized costumes and trick-or-treat for stuff that will rot their teeth and make them bounce off the walls tonight. And parents are going to drag their kids around in the pouring rain and let them do it. Guess what…not at my house. We never have candy. I can’t run the risk of having lots of great candy left over at the end of the night. Because I would eat it. All of it. I know, we’re evil. We turn off the porch light and hibernate. And Husband is paranoid all night that someone’s going to ring the doorbell (which causes the dogs to go psycho) and/or that our house will be vandalized (which will cause HIM to go psycho). That’s ok…I have Deputy Guy on speed-dial, and there’s a cop that lives one street over. I don’t think vandalism will be a problem…and if it happens, it still won’t be a problem because violators will be shot, um, I mean, prosecuted.

Of course it’s raining…because it’s finally fall, the trees are changing color, the weather’s getting cooler,…and it will be sunny and 75 stinking degrees by the weekend. When we moved back here, I was actually looking forward to having all four seasons instead of two (‘pretty stinking warm’ and ‘hot as Hades’). In the two years we have been back, we have yet to have a decent winter. I want snow, people. And ice, if necessary. Snow so deep you can’t get out of your driveway and your boss calls to tell you to stay home. Ice so slick you can’t get out to go anywhere for a couple of days, so you have to stay home in front of the fireplace and read a book and/or mindlessly watch TV. Snow so deep you just have to go out and build a snowman in the front yard. Ice so slick you might can stretch out staying home an extra day because “the driveway’s too steep.”

Of course it’s raining…because the process of retraining my dog not to mark everything in my house isn’t hard enough. They both hate to go out in the rain, but I shoved them out the door this morning and wouldn’t let them run right back in. Thankfully, it had not begun raining in earnest yet, so it wasn’t a difficult battle…at least not that time. If it’s raining tonight, that’ll be another story.

Of course it’s raining…because I wasn’t having a bad enough bad-hair-day. It had to be worse. Frizzy. Oh sure, look at me now and say, “Your hair’s not frizzy.” You have no idea how much gunk I had to put in it this morning in order to keep from having a frizz ‘fro. Of course, part of that problem is that I am growing my hair out and it desperately needs to be trimmed, but as my appointment isn’t for 11 more days, it’ll have to wait.

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  1. Ditto to everything you said!! Seriously. EVERYTHING! Well, except for I don't have a boss (hehehe) but the snow can still come.

  2. Glad to know someone else feels that way!

  3. O course it's raining...when you get the entire show set up and have to cover up everything you've done right before the soundcheck is supposed to start.

  4. Ooh - significantly worse than a frizz 'fro.