Monday, October 03, 2005

Fall Update

Well, not much going on right now….

We’re still recovering from the huge event last week, plus several football games and a quick trip for Husband to visit his family and ailing grandmother. He got to see our nephew, who we haven’t seen since he was two months old. He’s now about 8 months old, and is a very fat, very cute little guy. Looks nothing like his older sister, but very much like he belongs to the family. Strange, but true.

This week, we have not one, not two, but four football games to attend. That’s just our division – not counting the other games going on that we could go to. Plus, there’s church on Wednesday and a Lock-In Friday-Saturday…another very busy week.

On the sinus front, things are looking up. Husband is much better, and I am not worse. Always a plus. Last night, poor guy, he’d finally had it with my need to cough every 5.7 seconds and told me so. It was the, “Can’t you do something about that?” that was sort of a concerned, yet annoyed approach. I had already been thinking that I was probably about to drive him nuts, and it might be a good idea for me to go into the other room while I read and he watched football. So, I tried…I crawled into bed to read, but he soon followed, thus had to deal with the coughing anyway. Hey, at least I tried.

Argus turned 5 on Saturday. Yes, I know my dog’s birthday. Sad, I know. His first birthday, I made “pup”cakes for him. Last year, I brought home stuffed toys for Argus’ birthday, the result of which was a hole in the head for him, and a broken tooth and root canal for me, an ordeal that finally concluded last month. Needless to say, I wasn’t too keen on purchasing an elaborate toy or making anything special this year. I did buy special chewies for the dogs the other day at the pet store, but have been too lazy to give them to them, since it requires that I go into ‘Sniper mode’ with the spray bottle to keep control of things. Of course, Husband thinks I’m an evil, awful person for this. He’s constantly saying, “They only have about 10 more years on this earth, we should make it enjoyable for them.” And maybe he has a point. But isn’t that the way we should look at our own lives?

We don’t know how long we will be here, so we should live each day to the fullest. At least that’s the theory. It’s hard to think about living life ‘to the full’ when the toilets need to be cleaned and there’s a half-inch of dust covering everything in your home that sits still. Or when you have a couple of weeks like the one we just had and will have this week. It’s not about living ‘to the full’ during these times – it’s about surviving. It’s about dragging yourself out of bed, remembering to take the trash to the curb, and making it through the day with everything that’s on your plate, and since your plate has run out of room you’ve had to bring in the plasticware. But maybe to some that is living life ‘to the full’. To me, that’s complete and utter frustration. I’m definitely a homebody, and could thoroughly enjoy staying at home for days at a time. To each his own, I suppose.

Well, that’s enough of being philosophical. At least for now. Pin It

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