Friday, September 09, 2005

This is NOT a Blog About the Hurricane

Let’s get this straight: this is not a blog about the hurricane. It is a blog about blogging about the hurricane. Now that that’s clear, we’ll move on.

I’ve noticed on many blogs lately the topic of Hurricane Katrina. It’s a natural topic – something that has affected so many people in our country is easy for everyone to discuss. It is just about all you see/hear on any news channel, website, newspaper, or radio station. However, I have noticed that there is a lot of blame and finger-pointing going on.

We are all bigger people than that, aren’t we? There’s no way that anyone can blame an individual for what happened on the Gulf Coast, yet that seems to be what is happening. It doesn’t matter who you like, don’t like, voted for or didn’t, what happened was simply not the result of any one person’s action or inaction.

Natural disasters happen. That’s why they’re called natural disasters. They’ve been happening for thousands of years. Remember the first natural disaster? It is called simply, “the flood.” It was a horrible thing for many people. Yet God used it to serve a purpose. We can now read about it and understand why it happened. But at the time, nobody, not even Noah, really understood what was going on. There have been many more natural disasters since then - volcanoes erupted and buried entire cities and wiped out populations; droughts caused famines and many people died of hunger; earthquakes leveled great cities. I’m not saying that this natural disaster is anything like the flood, but what I am saying is this: God allowed these things to happen, and we know that all things work together for His glory.

I’m not trying to downplay recent and current events on the Gulf Coast. I’m trying to put things in perspective here. Quit whining and bellyaching about the price of gas, how high your heating bill is going to be this winter, and because you can’t get a hotel room to go see Aunt Fran. At least you still have a car, a house, and you know where your Auntie is. Pin It