Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Itch

I’ve got it again. The itch to do something. Something to my house. It’s the home-improvement/decorating itch. I know what I want to do (I have a list, of course), just not the time or funds to do it right now. I could appease myself with a smaller project on the list, and that might tide me over for a while. But when I start thinking about a project like this and the itch hits, there’s no getting it out of my head until it’s done. I can see it…I can feel the way it will make the room feel when it’s done…I can smell the paint and…ok, I know, I’ve gone a little overboard. But I’m not kidding, well, I sort of am.

What I want to do will make a dramatic difference in the largest area of my house. I have spoken with Husband about it, and he agrees that it would be great. I have two obstacles before me in actually accomplishing this task. Time and money. Wow, imagine that. Time because it will be an extensively time-consuming project. And though not an extravagantly expensive upgrade, it does take that green stuff called money; money that I presently need to be spending elsewhere.

Therein lies the dilemma. Do I go ahead and do the smaller, less expensive project that will also make a dramatic difference (although a somewhat smaller dramatic difference) and try to tide myself over for a while, or do I just keep waiting to do the big project? Or do I put them both off and clean out the garage this weekend because it is free and currently a pit from the bowels of Hades? Ok, so the garage is not that bad, but it does irritate me every time I walk through it, which is at least twice a day. That whole issue goes back to my rant on the trash guys not picking up the trash…

Anyway, I need to make up my mind because you know how I like to plan and make lists. And that has to be done before any project gets started. I guess I’ll decide soon and let you know how it goes. Pin It

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  1. i vote you make Husband clean out the garage.